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Tutors are requested to please take some time to read the below terms and conditions before applying for free tutor membership with Shree tutorials. By registering with us you are bound to accept these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make necessary changes if any required.

Don't simply register. We need high caliber educators to fulfill our vision. We see in you growth both professionally and financially. We are looking in you for a long term relationship with us and commitment towards the profession.

Terms and Conditions-For Tutors

1. We charge no registration fees from tutors. Registration is free of charge. That doesn't mean any one can join as a tutor. Candidates please don't register if you cannot teach. If found incapable your registration will be terminated. And yes proficiency of English and good communication skills are compulsory.

2. To register as a tutor with Shree tutorials you need to be an Indian citizen of at least 24 years of age with the required academic qualification and knowledge about the subjects you teach. Home tutoring is a serious business and in your hands lie the future of the students you mentor . Don't apply for subjects in which you are not proficient.

3. The tutor need to provide us all the necessary legitimate documents which include Two passport size photographs, copy of Id and address proof ( passport, drivers license, UID, voter Id etc..),a copy of Secondary school marks card and latest qualification. Experience certificate if any .You will also be responsible to produce your document to the clients/parents upon request.

4. Shree tutorials commission includes 50 % of the first month's tuition fees as commission for monthly wise tuition. And 30 % in case of crash course or package type tuition. The remaining 50% or 70%(for crash course) and succeeding monthly fees can be directly collected by the tutor at the end of each month or at the end of course from the parents/clients. The commission will be collected by Shree tutorials from the parents. If the student need extra hours of tutoring only for that particular assignment then the tutor is free to charge and no commission will be collected for that.

5. As a Shree tutorials tutor you may be given any number of assignments based upon your performance But you are not allowed to accept any new assignment with the same students after competition of the present without informing us. Registered Tutors are advised not to pass on any information regarding tuition vacancy or any other intimation to any third party. This will result in violation of the agreement.

6. Registering with Shree tutorials does not guarantee you a tuition job. Tutoring job depends upon the maket demand, Location, Your experience and rates and mainly upon how well tutors match to parents/clients requirements.

7. As a tutor you are free to discuss your rates with the parents/clients. The rates may depend upon your qualification, experience, age, success rates and top of all the feedback system upon which we operate. Shree tutorials will also guide you to decide upon the appropriate rates.

8. As a tutor in contract with Shree tutorials you must ensure that you make it your professional responsibility to continuously upgrade your teaching skills, knowledge of the subject/syllabus, prepare the best notes or materials to help the student prosper. It is very common for clients to reject you if you are not able to solve the doubts on the spot.

9. You are responsible for maintaining proper time sheet duly signed by parents w.r.t Date ,Timing and Number of hours tutored.

10. By registering as a tutor you understand that you are not an employer of Shree tutorials and thereby hold the complete responsibility of paying taxes, insurance and other duties liable.

11. As a registered tutor it is your responsibility to inform the parents or the students if you are not able to attend the tuition class or in case of delay. This can be due to illness, mishaps, holidays etc. You can call the parents and inform them over the phone. If in case you are planning for holidays please give an advance notice of two weeks is required. Excuses are not allowed by parents. Please maintain a professional attitude and be punctual and do not overstay your tuition time allocated.

12. Tutors should agree to work on the assignment for at least on month. In case of discontinuation you should inform both the parents and Shree tutorials one month in advance. If the tutor leaves the assignment in between without informing us their registration will be cancelled. In such case the tutor is liable to pay 50% of the fees applicable as per classes conducted. Also in such case the tutor is not allowed to assign or refer any other tutor to the client. Only Shree tutorials have the right to refer tutors.

13. As a tutor you are expected to strictly follow the rules and behave as a matured adult. Any kind of rudeness, misbehavior, talking on phones, vulgarity, verbal abuse, inattentiveness, poor commitment etc will not be tolerated. Any such bad feedback from parents will result in blacklisting.

14. Shree tutorials are not responsible for acting as a mediator to resolve any conflict or disagreement that may arise between the tutor and the student/parent. We deserve the right to terminate your membership or deny services to any tutor at any time.

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